MCL reviews our Outback!

Here's a sneak preview of the article from the next issue of Monmouthshire Country Life:

"With the sun shining over the beautiful countryside of Monmouthshire, I was tasked with taking a Subaru Outback out for a spin to see how it would cope with the county’s terrain. This spacious estate car is an ideal choice for the country tracks, town centre jams and even motorway cruising - all of which got a good test during my time with the vehicle. It’s world class AWD (all wheel drive) system shone through on all surfaces - even the occasional pothole.

The Subaru oozed build quality - it was even bullet proof, although that was something I certainly didn’t test! It had a good, solid feel on the road and every part of the car felt built to last, whatever you might throw at it.

So, how did it fare? The Boxer diesel engine, which I was told was one of the quietest I’d come across, certainly lived up to that billing. It purred along almost silently - unlike the diesel engines of the past - and seemed to lap up the fuel rather than gulp it as so many big cars tend to do. Being a diesel did not affect the torque or the ride - it was smooth and extremely comfortable in the leather seated, luxurious interior.

As you would expect with a car of this size, the load capacity was fanstastic. We didn’t test it by packing it to the gunwhales but school bags, guitars, amps - the trappings of a teenage schoolboy - were stored with the minimum of fuss and you can imagine that the boot would stow all manner of articles when the need arose - just as you would expect.

The Outback is a good-looking car. It’s elegant shaping would not look out of place in the suburbs but you know that this is a car built to withstand life on a busy farm just as much as the daily school or shop run.

With it’s six-speed manual gearbox the Outback ate up the country road from Abergavenny, through Rockfield and into Monmouth. It hugged the curves and was a delight to drive. Motorway driving was equally enjoyable and the quietness of the engine and comfort of the interior even made sitting in rush-hour queues not as much of a hassle as usual.

The Outback comes in a number of engine size, including 2.0D SE, 2.5i SE and 3.6R automatic. If you are looking for a good towing car, this is certainly one to bear in mind with it’s two ton towing capability.

So, if you are looking for a well-built, comforatable car which is economical, quiet and has plenty of space for the family and all their trappings, this could well be the car you are looking for - especially if you’ve got a caravan which needs towing as well."


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